The Mongolian Ger

The only hotels in Mongolia are in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Throughout the countryside accommodation is offered in the form of traditional Mongolian ‘gers.’

These ger camps are slightly modified for foreign tourists but in effect offer a traditional experience and the opportunity to experience Mongolia’s wilderness. Most ger camps are situated in attractive areas: on the shores of small rivers, nestled under rocky hills or on vast open plains and all under amazing night skies.

The gers are made from wooden frames with layers of canvas and felt. Interior wood is usually carved or brightly painted and they are equipped with 2 beds and a small table and stools. There is a central stove for wood-fire heating at night. Communal bathroom facilities are in basic but clean blocks nearby and with hot water (an impressive feat in the middle of the Gobi desert!). There are also restaurants and bars in a separate concrete building, or sometimes in large gers.